Scent Your Space With Aesop’s New Aromatique Incense

Aesop Aromatique IncensePHOTO COURTESY OF AESOP

If you’re looking for a new way to scent your space, then consider Aesop’s new Aromatique Incense. It joins the brand’s selection of candles and room sprays from its growing home fragrance collection. The incense sticks offer an alternative way to refresh your atmosphere while striking calm and serenity.

Developed with the Australian brand’s fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion, the launch sees three woody scents with different nuances. Manufactured by a Japanese incense atelier, each scent delivers complex, unconventional Aesop aromas.

Aesop Aromatique IncensePHOTO COURTESY OF AESOP
Firstly, the green and herbaceous Kagerou, with facets of vetiver, igusa and sandalwood. Next, Murasaki, which balances a medley of spices and resins. For those who favour rich, warm fragrances, this blend of hinoki, cinnamon and clove is for you. Lastly, a warm and sweet Sarashina. Light one up and fill your space with the comforting blend of sandalwood, clove and cinnamon.

Priced at SGD53, the Aromatique Incense box comes with 33 sticks that each burn approximately for 30 minutes. It also includes a 2 cm by 5 cm round Kanuma pumice incense holder. It naturally dissolves upon contact with water, returning to its original powdered particle form.

A bronze incense holder (SGD210) that looks like modern art also debuts alongside. Designed by Vogel Studio, the sculptural piece joins the existing brass oil burner as the second design object in the brand’s home range.

Resembling a supporting hand, it holds a single stick of incense over a concave dish that catches the falling ash. Plus, the striking vessel brings an understated gravitas to any space as you enjoy a moment of quietude.

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