Celine Has A Novelty Bag Inspired By Picnic Baskets…

Celine Triomphe Patchwork Picnic BasketPHOTO COURTESY OF CELINE

Bags run the gamut of styles these days, and more likely than not, if you can dream it up, there is already one in the market at the moment. From tiny bags that hold nothing to large oversized carryalls suitable for kitchen sinks, the choices are endless.

And then there are those that are considered novelties, everyday objects that have been adapted. Like the new Picnic Basket featuring the Triomphe Patchwork motif from Celine. Formed with an outer shell made up of different Triomphe logo cut-outs in leather that’s reinforced with rivet studs at the ends, it comes with lined with a canvas drawstring pouch to ensure nothing falls out of the gaps.

The bag measures some 23.5 cm wide and 23.5 cm high (yes, it’s almost squarish), and it comes with a long handle that can be adjusted from 15 cm to 33 cm drop length. Which means you can carry it by hand, and that’s pretty much it.

So is it really a picnic basket, or not? Well, it will be great for grocery runs, though it might be a tad too extra. Or perhaps as a chic carrier for your beloved pets. No matter your choice, the Picnic Basket from Celine is only available in a single colour and size, retailing at SGD5700 each.

On the hunt for a fun novelty piece that’s big on personality? Celine’s latest number would definitely make the list.

For more information, do visit CELINE.com


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