Hermès’ Bolide 1923 Now Comes In A Tri-colour Format

Hermès Bolide 1923 TricolourPHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS

Think of Hermès and bags like Birkin and Kelly are the ones that immediately come to mind. Styles like the Bolide, on the other hand, are often more underrated, but it’s a timeless bag that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year.

Created in 1923, this dome-shaped carryall was initially designed for travellers and drivers, though it eventually found its way into smaller sizes, such as this 25 cm version which is chic and stylish all at once.

The Bolide comes in two main versions, and this particular style called the Bolide 1923 is constructed without extra stitching and oval cut-out on the exterior.

It’s much more streamlined, making it an excellent choice for ladies who love a minimal-looking handbag. Besides, the Bolide prides itself on being an icon without relying on logos and monograms, with the only exception being the Hermès padlock that is often left on the side as a decorative ornament.

Something new to keep an eye out for would be this tri-colour Bolide 1923 (29 cm by 25 cm by 10.5 cm) in a beautiful mix of Jaune (yellow trimmings), Nata (white main body, handles and strap) and Orange (orange clochette charm).

Priced at SGD9700 each, think of it as a ‘special order’ without the need for long waiting times and custom orders, because this unique design is part of Hermès’ current line-up.

Throw in the removable shoulder strap and you’ve got a versatile style that can be carried from day to night hassle-free. Skip the classic colours and go for this tri-colour format; it’s guaranteed to turn heads, for sure.

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