Have You Met The O’Kelly Pendant From Hermès?


The O’Kelly has been around for a while now, first introduced as a bracelet that bore the same iconic padlock found on Hermès’ signature handbag. The line quickly expanded to encompass more fashion jewellery options, such as the O’Kelly Pendant which is now available in 3 different types of plated metal hardware.

There’s gold and palladium for those who love something classic-looking, along with the third in rose gold that’s one of the more contemporary choices thanks to the tinge of pink. Each padlock has been sized down and serves as an aesthetic piece (no, it cannot be unlocked with a key) along with a matching leather base behind it.

Created to look like a shadow behind the iconic lock, it comes in a variety of colours ranging from the classic Étoupe and Noir to brighter hues like Bleu Saphir and Jaune De Naples.

The other piece of good news? All of them are readily available at Hermès Singapore’s online store, priced at SGD520 each. That means you don’t have to queue in-store or be placed on the waitlist, as these charming pendants can all be purchased with just a few clicks online.

And with the season of love coming real soon, you can consider this as a chic and simple gift to yourself or even to your close friends and family members.

For more information, kindly visit HERMÈS.com 


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