Take A Trip Around The World With Louis Vuitton’s Vivienne Travellers Collection

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Travellers CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON

Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne is back, this time as 11 luxurious and playful fine jewellery creations to fuel your travel fantasies. The Vivienne Travellers collection is a nod to the French house’s art of travel, where the globetrotting Vivienne, which incorporates elements of cultures from all over the world, has been interpreted into exquisite pendants.

Crafted in precious metals and colourful gemstones with traditional jewellery making expertise, the intricate pendants can be worn as a necklace, transformed into a brooch, or displayed as an object of art to elevate any space.

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Travellers CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON

Ready for the voyages of Vivienne? First up, the Vivienne Petite Malle makes a stop locally. Inspired by the vibrant colours of Singapore’s Peranakan district, the mascot is dressed in a traditional outfit complete with a Petite Malle bag slung across her body.

Next, journey across Asia with Vivienne Panda, inspired by China’s beloved national symbol, holding some fresh bamboo. There’s also the Vivienne Hanbok spotted in the traditional Korean dress, and Vivienne Samurai in the guise of a Japanese warrior wielding a Katana sword.

Continuing the adventure, you’ll meet Vivienne Surfer that embodies the spirit of a West Coast summer, ready to ride the waves on her signature board, and Vivienne Casino that sports hearts, spades, and diamond shapes while holding a winning hand. There’s even a Vivienne Royal finished with a crown and blue lacquered robe punctuated with gold fleur-de-lys, an homage to Paris’ Place Vendome.

In true travel spirit, expect a Vivienne Monogram with engraved mother-of-pearl and carved wood accents, a nod to LV’s emblematic trunks. Lastly, two multicoloured Vivienne pendants, Vivienne Rainbow dripping in an exquisite pave gradation of 154 gems, inspired by Hong Kong’s famous Rainbow Village, and Vivienne Celebration set with 36 coloured stones and 124 diamonds, created in celebration of Mr Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday.

And if your new Vivienne friends need a home, there’s the Boîte Joaillerie Vivienne trunk that’s been designed specially to store and display the pieces.

Priced from SGD42,000 a piece, you should head on down to any Louis Vuitton boutique to find out more about the Vivienne Travellers collection if you are keen to add such a precious keepsake to your jewellery repertoire.

For more information, please visit LOUISVUITTON.com


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