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Louis Vuitton’s exquisite trunks have certainly evolved over the years. What was initially built to house entire wardrobes for travelling around the world have now become modern-day options that are the very epitome of life’s little luxuries. Today, Louis Vuitton’s repertoire extends to over-the-top creations which can be specifically used to display your beloved sneaker collection to a full picnic experience, alongside more options like full-on jewellery trunks complete with drawers and mirrors.

In other words, there’s a trunk to suit your every need, and besides the variations featured below, you can even get one created especially for you. Personalisation of special trunk orders extends to your choice of dimensions or even letting the design team know what you’ll be using it for. Coming under Louis Vuitton’s Made-To-Order service, draft designs will be submitted to you and upon confirmation, these hard-sided creations will be assembled and crafted at Louis Vuitton’s original atelier located in Asnières.

For those who prefer to pick up something that’s ‘off the shelf’, Louis Vuitton has countless designs and styles to choose from. And here are 5 prime contenders to start your journey with.

01Boîte Joaillerie Vivienne (SGD63,000)
Designed specially for storing pieces from Louis Vuitton’s Vivienne Travellers collection, there are a total of 12 drawers for various types of jewels, and each side is finished with a mirror (one rectangular in the middle flanked by 2 flower-shaped mirrors on the smaller lids). And right in the middle, there’s a special display space for all the Vivienne Travellers’ pieces with a tiny stage to keep them in the spotlight.


02 – Courrier Lozine 110 Pickleball (SGD133,000)
Introduced as part of the Fall-Winter 2021 collection by Virgil Abloh, this one-of-a-kind trunk measures 112 cm by 52 cm by 56.6cm, fully equipped to hold an entire pickleball game set with matching monogram paddles and balls. And when it is not in use, you can always top it with a piece of tempered glass and use it as a coffee table, because why not, right?


03 – Malle Pique-Nique (SGD111,000)
An intriguing set that can be considered the most portable of the lot, this trunk comes with double handles on the side, which also means you can take this hard-sided trunk out to recreate the fanciest picnic in the garden. Furnished with a white tablecloth, prestigious Limoges porcelain cups and plates, as well as silver-plated cutlery for 4 guests (along with other essentials like silver thermoses, salt and pepper shakers and even a wine bottle opener), all you really have to do is to just prep the savouries and sweets.


04 – Pyramid Trunk (SGD39,500)
If you love all things Fornasetti, then this set of 4 trunk boxes is for you. They can stacked high to complement your home decor, or fitted one within another until only the largest of the trunks is left. Imagined by Nicolas Ghesquière as part of his #LVxFornasetti line-up, other pieces include the covetable trunk bags.


05 – Sneaker Trunk (SGD265,000)
A massive trunk that stands at 147 cm tall by 88 cm wide, this is the perfect way for sneaker collectors to showcase their most hyped pieces. Who wouldn’t mind displaying their best of the best behind see-through monogrammed doors which can fit up to 14 pairs at one go? And that’s not all, there’s even a drawer for socks and spare shoelaces, 2 mirrors and even a row of extra drawers at the bottom of the trunk. And that’s as extra as it gets.

For more information, please visit LOUISVUITTON.com

PHOTOS COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON | This four-part series is created in collaboration with LOUIS VUITTON

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