Monogram Lovers Will Adore These New Au Départ Bags…


Monogram lovers, you’re going to love this series of bags art-directed and captured beautifully by Benjamin Pexton and Matthew Roland Bannister for Au Départ. The entire campaign depicts their house monogram to perfection, with a dreamy effect that only takes the heritage print to a whole new level. For those who don’t already know, the geometric motif was inspired by the tile work found in the ruins of Pompeii and created back in the early 1900s as a unique pattern that distinguished Au Départ from other storied houses back in the day. 

Today, they serve as the main print found on bags like the Petite Dauphine and Nano Trunk, along with a new-in design known as the Micro Soft Trunk Horizontal. A chic and stylish option that’s cute as a button, the Micro Soft Trunk Horizontal will also come in the bold red monogram, a fresh addition that’s striking from every angle. Measuring 13 cm by 8 cm, this miniature creation is perfect for everyday use, thanks to the sturdy coated canvas which adds an additional layer of protection against scratches and daily wear. Each bag will also be sold together with a leather strap, giving you an added option of wearing it across the body or over the shoulder for a hands-free look.

The Petite Dauphine, on the other hand, is a classic bucket bag finished with dual top handles. The drawstring closure makes it easy to reach for its contents, essentials that can all be packed in a neat and organised fashion within the 24 cm by 16 cm bag. Lastly, the Nano Trunk is no stranger to you, well-considered one of the hot-favourite designs complete with Au Départ’s polished metallic hardware and hard-sided frame structure.

Priced at EUR490 for the Micro Soft Trunk Horizontal, EUR1280 for the Petite Dauphine and EUR2650 for the Nano Trunk, you will be left completely spoilt for choice as far as Au Départ’s monogram pattern is concerned. Whether you’re going for the one in black, orange, white, or even the new red, French bag maker Au Départ will always have you covered. 

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