Louis Vuitton’s Artycapucines Returns With A Third Collection With 6 New Artists


Louis Vuitton’s highly anticipated Artycapucines collection will be making a return for a third time, with only 200 pieces available in the limited-edition capsule which will be launching worldwide from October 2021. As its name suggests, the Artycapucines collection is all about the Capucines handbag, with artists all over the world giving their unique take and adding avant-garde touches to the iconic Capucines in BB and MM size. 

Six new artists the likes of Donna Huanca, Huang Yuxing, Gregor Hildebrandt, Paola Pivi, Vik Muniz and Zeng Fanzhi have been roped in this year, and you can expect bold and vivacious colours that showcase a unique (and novel) point-of-view. For those who love a bag inspired by beautiful paintings, you can expect to find 3D-printed images of Donna Huanca’s artworks (the ‘Cara de Fuego’ and ‘Muyal Jol’) which are further embroidered and hand-painted on the Capucines. There’s also an ethereal artwork created by Huang Yuxing, one that’s based off his signature landscape painting known as ‘The Colossus Hidden in the Hills’. 

Gregor Hildebrandt’s version depicts a black-and-white image that showcases his trademark ‘rip-off’ technique, while Paola Pivi’s design features two extra pockets that add a practical element to the Capucines. The last two include designs by Vik Muniz and Zeng Fanzhi. The former is fully laid with 154 icons made using heritage materials from Louis Vuitton’s workshops, while the latter is constructed by 3 expert artisans using 42 coloured threads that require over 700,000 stitches to create a textural ‘brushstroke’ effect.

All six bags are priced at SGD12,400 each, and you can head over to Louis Vuitton to indicate your interest (and place an early reservation) ahead of the official launch next month. Alternatively, you can give the e-commerce hotline a call, where someone from Louis Vuitton’s client services will share more information if you don’t wish to make a physical trip down to the boutique.

For more information, kindly visit LOUISVUITTON.com 


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