Meet The New Speedy 20 In Iconic Monogram From Louis Vuitton


What’s not too big, yet not too small and definitely just right? Well, you’re looking at it. Presenting the new Speedy Bandouliere 20 that comes in iconic Monogram Canvas for the first time. Sitting nicely between the Nano Speedy and the Speedy 25, this 20 cm by 13 cm by 12 cm darling retains all the signatures of the original Speedy that was launched in the 30s, complete with the cowhide-clad top handles and the little padlock.

What’s different? Well, besides the newly enlarged zipper that allows for a wider opening (no more zipper scuffs!), it will also be sold with a large removable/reversible shoulder strap that sports the ‘Louis Vuitton’ script on one side and the signature monogram flowers on the other. To be made available in two colours (and by colours it only refers to the shoulder straps, one pink, another brown), the bags are slated for a 29 October 2021 launch in Singapore.

The good news? Word has it that Louis Vuitton Singapore is already taking pre-orders for it, so if you want to get it first when it does drop, kindly contact your regular LV SA now or head down to the nearest boutique to find out more. Priced at SGD2600 each, it is perfect for those who want something bigger than the Nano Speedy but yet smaller than the Speedy 25. And there are many of you out there who feel the same way…

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