This Fendi Nano Peekaboo Bag Charm Is Also A Mini Bag


Fendi might call this a leather bag charm, but the lines are pretty blurred if you think about it. With a top handle and a thin chain strap, this little accessory can actually be used like a miniature bag, one that comes with the signature twist-lock buckle and trapezoid leather body that’s perfect for all your random bits and bobs. You can call it a nano version of the iconic Peekaboo bag, and you will be pleased that Fendi has added several tweaks that give it extra points in terms of versatility. 

Turn it around and you will find a rounded clip at the back, allowing it to be attached easily onto belt loops or bigger handbags like a chic accessory. You can opt to twist the buckle shut or leave it open, as the interior comes fitted with a flat pocket to hold a credit card or two. Most importantly, you can even use the unisex Nano Peekaboo Charm as a bag, slinging it across the body via the adjustable chain strap for a cool and casual look. 

Priced at SGD1350 each, it will come in 4 colours: GreenLight BluePink and Yellow. Made from lambskin leather, you could think of it as one of the most ‘affordable’ Peekaboo bags available at Fendi today. You will be able to find it at the boutiques in ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre, or head to the Fendi’s online store to shop right now. Which colour would it be for you? 

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