Meet Muse, Goyard’s New Vanity Case Bag


It’s about time Goyard unveiled a new version of the vanity case, considering the French luxury brand has a history with vintage trunks and bags that come in the classic ‘vanity’ shape. To define the term ‘vanity’ even further, the bag has to come with a raised top handle so it can be carried easily by hand. The zips will also have to go all around the front and sides to create a large opening, giving you a full view of the interior compartment with a single glance.

These are all factors that can be found in the new Muse Vanity, the latest rendition from Goyard that’s crafted in the brand’s signature Goyardine canvas. It’s slightly slimmer and smaller than its predecessors (because truthfully you’re carrying way fewer items these days), and the compact size also makes for a lovely crossbody if you decide on carrying the bag via the detachable shoulder strap. Sold separately, the latter will come in thick jacquard fabric versions (which are really, really nice, by the way) or full leather straps which are slightly thinner, all of which are now available at Goyard with prices starting from SGD510.

The Muse Vanity, on the other hand, is priced at SGD2460 for classic hues like Black and Black/Tan. Special colours such as Burgundy, Green, Orange and Navy Blue are available as well, priced a tad higher at SGD3200. The bag opens to a yellow fabric-lined interior, with dedicated loops for your precious hand creams and other beauty essentials. There’s also ample space for your SLGs, along with a mirror if you ever need to touch up while on the go. Intrigued? The Muse Vanity is now available at Goyard’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, so you should head down to enquire if you would like to get one.

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