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You’ve heard of French heritage houses being revived in recent times, and one of the more interesting ones include Moreau, established in 1882 over at 283 Rue Saint Honoré. The brand reopened exactly 10 years ago in 2011 (now officially known as Moreau Paris), and it has been steadily increasing its product offerings ever since. Today, you will be pleased to know that Moreau Paris has delved into seasonal collections for its bags, SLGs and accessories, all of which are crafted in their signature printed leather.

Instead of going through the usual route of using printed canvas, Moreau Paris has continued its leather tradition by using serigraph printing to make the pattern’s colours even more vibrant and lustrous-looking. This method also helps to keep the leather resistant to fading from daily wear, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

For Spring-Summer 2021, Moreau Paris went with the theme of ‘safari’, even going so far as introducing a brand new model known as Victoria Trunk. Made as a tribute to its trunk-making expertise and technical know-how, the mini handbag is perfect for the lady who’s always on the go, coming in a compact size that measures 19 cm wide and 12 cm high. The hard-sided bag also features reinforced sides and metallic rivets at the corners, making it a solid piece through and through.

Each bag (or rather, mini trunk) features a combination of 3 different types of leather. There’s the Moreau printed leather on the exterior and a blue goatskin interior, with trimmings coming in either calfskin (Gris for Rose and Fauve for Classique) or bull skin for Blanc. And the good news? Moreau Paris does offer distance sales for some of its bags (the Victoria Trunk is priced EUR3900, by the way), so you can send in your request via [email protected] to find out more.

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