Louis Vuitton: Into The World Of The Handy Pocket Organiser


Louis Vuitton’s Pocket Organiser has always been the luxury brand’s staple SLG for men appearing everywhere, including limited collaborations with Nigo and Supreme, as well as the most recent one in partnership with NBA that had their logo at the corner. A quick search on Louis Vuitton’s Singapore online store reveals that there are at least 48 different Pocket Organiser designs introduced in recent years, which isn’t a surprise considering how nifty this little accessory is.

Not exactly a cardholder or a wallet, but one that saddles both categories, it can function as one or the other depending on your needs. Coming in a 11 cm by 8 cm unique vertical format, this handy SLG opens to reveal 5 interior pockets and 3 credit card slots to keep your essentials neat and organised at all times. The pockets are thoughtfully arranged (2 placed diagonally, 2 at the sides and 1 ‘V’ below the card slots) to keep it nice and compact.

And if that’s not enough, just flip it to the back and you will find an extra pocket for all your quick access needs. In other words, you can’t go wrong with the Pocket Organiser if you want a fuss-free (and functional) SLG, especially when prices start from just SGD500 for the ones in Monogram Canvas with calf leather lining. Other classics include the ones in Épi leather (SGD570), Taiga leather (SGD570), as well as seasonal delights like the ones in Monogram Tapestry (SGD595) and Taigarama (SGD555).

Looking for something from the all-new Spring-Summer 2021 line-up? Well, there’s the checkerboard pattern known as Damier Distorted (SGD595) coated-canvas which makes for an eye-catching SLG even from afar. Or go for the ‘Zoom With Friends’ designs that feature various cartoon characters, all eclectic and fun pieces that you can add to your collection now.

For more information, do visit LOUISVUITTON.com


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