Cactus Jack x McDonald’s Merch Collection


Just when you got disappointed that McDonald’s Singapore will not be carrying the Travis Scott Meal (a combination of Travis’ customised Quarter Pounder, Medium Fries with BBQ sauce and Sprite), the American singer and rapper announced a surprise drop of exclusive McDonald’s merchandise over at his online shop. With prices starting from USD25 for the Cactus Jack Styrofoam Cup (pack of 10) and Cactus Jack Breakfast Boxers, there’s plenty of choices for everyone, and you will be pleased to know that they offer shipping to Singapore.

Some of the other must-have items include the Nugget Body Pillow (USD90) and Cactus Jack Arches Rug (USD250), both approximately 90 cm long, fun pieces to satisfy that inner McDonald’s fan in you. There’s also the Cactus Pack Vintage Metal Lunch Box (USD45) to ‘dabao’ your value meal home, though no one’s stopping you from using it as a funky bag for the everyday as well. Alternatively, you can zoom in on the caps and tees which are priced at USD44 and USD48 each, pretty decent considering that they come in heavyweight cotton.

Yes, shipping to Singapore must cost a small fortune, so grab a friend (or two) to make your orders together. If you’re absolutely lovin’ this collection, then start making your purchase right now before the rest of America starts waking up and it gets sold out in no time at all.

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