Chanel Métiers d’Art 2020: Sparkle, Shine, Shimmer


Sparkle. Shine. Shimmer. And with black and gold being just two of the key colours from Chanel’s latest Metiers d’Art collection, one of the most outstanding sets is the Set Of 4 Minis Bags, sold together with a quilted lambskin trunk that’s undeniably crowned the pièce de résistance of the season. While it comes in a hefty price tag (yes, it is above the SGD40,000 mark), it’s truly deserving for a limited-edition that will not be repeated anytime soon.

For one, it’s part of the Métier’s d’Art collection so you can expect nothing but quality and expert craftsmanship in all 5 (4 bags, 1 trunk) pieces. Two, each leather bag is made in France (rather than Italy), coming in a miniature silhouette that retains all the elements of their bigger siblings. Everything from the hardware to the straps is exactly the same as their bigger counterparts, and even the bags’ clasps work the exact same way.

Then there’s the quilted trunk, measuring 32 cm by 25.5 cm that opens to a four-slot compartment perfectly sized to hold all 4 mini bags. You could also use it as a chic vanity case on your table, considering it opens to reveal a large mirror within.

Before you go back into your wanderlust dreams, do note that the Métiers d’Art 2020 collection never believes in the idea of ‘less is more’, which is why the Small Boy Chanel Handbag (SGD7810) comes decorated with a strass-encrusted buckle, providing an extra touch of luxe (and sparkle) to the black velvet body for that added lushness that’s in line with the collection’s theme this season, with all these available now at Chanel boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.


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