Celine Triomphe Embroidery Horizontal Cabas


There are days when a teeny-tiny handbag would do the trick, but there are times which call for a much larger tote, like Celine’s latest Horizontal Cabas that measures 43 cm wide and 31 cm high. You can take it with you on your grocery runs or have it double up as that statement-making tote for holding all your gym gear, coming in the perfect proportions with just the right amount of old-meets-now.


Other than the fact that the Horizontal Cabas is decorated in eye-catching Triomphe Embroidery treatment, its shape and structure are kept relatively simple, with a boxy silhouette and open top that’s easy to use. The leather top handles are sturdy enough to withstand added pressure, secured with two ring loops on both sides that prevent any awkward-looking creases from forming. Peek inside and you will find a flat pocket and zipped pocket for keeping several essentials safely stowed, so you don’t have to risk it getting lost within the spacious tote.

Celine’s family of Cabas bags is no stranger to you, coming in horizontal, square and vertical formats depending on your needs. This latest rendition in Textile/Leather proves to be a refreshing addition to the expansive line-up, one that looks set to be a hit amongst the fans of the iconic Triomphe logo. Priced at SGD3600, Singapore is only carrying the one in Fox Red (shown above) for now, and you will be able to find it over at Celine’s duplex flagship located at Marina Bay Sands. On the hunt for a large and roomy tote bag that scores great points in terms of style and function? Well, you’re looking at it.


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