Igloo x Hello Kitty Classic Playmate Mini


Yes, this will perhaps be the most random thing you’ll see on Bagaholicboy this week, but there’s a good reason behind it. For one, it’s Hello Kitty, and most anything Hello Kitty will deserve a mention or more here. Then there’s the fact that it is a collaboration with Igloo, which if you really think about it, makes owning one common sense right now.

Paranoid about germs/viruses getting stuck on your fabric/leather bags? This Classic Playmate Mini that’s completely made out of plastic and will hold up to your standard 6-pack is the perfect answer. Just wipe it down with antibacterial wet wipes when you get home and you’re basically done. Use it a handbag (rules, what rules?), use it as your grocery companion (great for apples and other fresh produce be it at the wet market or the supermarket) or even use it to hold whatever you buy when you need to make a trip out of the house.

Not big enough to be a total embarrassment (it measures some 25 cm by 18 cm by 25 cm), it is also perfect for fans of Hello Kitty, who is 5 apples tall. Why 5 apples? Because they would definitely be able to fit into this mini cooler as well. Priced at USD29.90, do a quick search on Google to find one (there are even some on Carousell); this will be the best (and most useful) ‘bag’ you buy this week. Really.


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