Cartier: 5 Things To Know About The Clash de Cartier


You are probably living under one of fashion jewellery’s biggest rocks (or studs, no pun intended) if you haven’t come across the Clash de Cartier jewellery collection. It’s chic yet slightly eccentric, and pretty much described as the perfect clash of two opposing attitudes. The jewellery pieces carry a clean aesthetic (no fancy twists or over-the-top embellishments) while possessing a spirited energy that encapsulates the Maison’s heritage of beads, clous carrés and studs to perfection.

The beauty of the Clash de Cartier lies in its ability to stand out from its counterparts, like a rebel that defies all notions of what a conventional piece of Cartier jewellery should look like. Still finding it unfamiliar? Well, read on to find out why the Clash de Cartier makes a strong contender for being your next must-have jewellery piece.


01 – The Clash de Cartier is a piece of two-sided jewellery, one that’s sharp in terms of looks, but is soft to the touch. That’s because the clous carrés (or ‘domes’) are buffed at the top, while the inside of each piece is delicately scalloped, so it sits comfortably on your finger (ring) or wrist (bracelet).

02 – Contrary to popular opinion, the Clash de Cartier isn’t an entirely new design at the house, but rather one that is inspired by several codes of the Maison. Cartier’s love for geometry dates back to the 1930s, and the use of beads and studs has always been featured extensively at the French luxury brand. The Clash de Cartier is simply an extension conceived with the contemporary individual in mind, built to be layered and stacked as you please, with easy-to-wear designs like bracelets and rings that are perfect for him and her.

03 – While its clean lines and geometrical shape are deceptively simple-looking, the Clash de Cartier requires a complex mechanism to keep the studs interconnected yet mobile, all of which are done entirely at Cartier’s jewellery workshops. They have to be accurately calibrated to magnetise the clous carrés in place; just give it a little jiggle to appreciate the amount of craftsmanship that goes into every piece.

04 – When Cartier unveiled the collection last year, it was only available in Rose Gold. Today, the line-up has expanded to include pieces in gorgeous White Gold, and you will be able to find two formats of the ring in the Small (6.4 mm width) and Medium models, along with the Clash de Cartier Medium Bracelet (8 mm width) that comes in sizes ranging from 15 cm to 19 cm.

05 – The Clash de Cartier makes for the perfect statement-making piece, and its price point is equally attractive to boot. Made from non-rhodium finish 18K White Gold, the Clash de Cartier Small Ring is priced at SGD3150, while the Medium Ring comes slightly higher at SGD4500. The Clash de Cartier Medium Bracelet stands at SGD12,900 each, and they’re all available now for purchase online via Cartier Singapore.


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