Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Woven Small Balloon


If there’s one thing to be said about Loewe’s bags, it is the fact that their bags never look like anyone else’s. This is a pretty bold statement to be making, but if you examine their bag offerings carefully, you’ll see it as well. From the Gate to the Puzzle and now even the new Balloon collection, you get a sense of the Spanish luxury house’s determination to be different and yet still desirable, something which is lacking in most other fashion houses these days.

Take the newly launched Balloon, for example. While it might look like your regular basket-shaped hobo, there’s something to be said about the additional leather holster that forms the backbone of the piece, one that not only determines the shape of the bag (and gives it some structure), but is also where the shoulder straps are slung through, forming a balanced piece that doesn’t sag due to the bag’s contents, whatever they might be.

And for their Paula’s Ibiza capsule collection, they introduced a neat interpretation of the Balloon that’s covered in their fun mermaid print. The leather holster is gone, instead it is replaced with a woven raffia one that has beach resort vibes written all over it. Priced at SGD3100 for the Small Balloon and SGD3700 for the larger regular Balloon (you’ll find them all online now via Loewe), you might not be able to go to Bali now but you can sure bring Bali to you.


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