Dior Rosa Mutabilis Capsule Collection


It has been said (actually proven) that flowers calm the soul and uplift the mood, which makes having them around during this period even more important. But let’s be honest. Fresh flowers only survive for a limited duration and while fake ones are just simply gross, there could be another way out, albeit one that’s a tad indulgent.

From Dior comes the newish Rosa Mutabilis capsule collection, one that’s centred around roses alongside some other floral blooms, with the key piece being the Rosa Mutabilis Small Book Tote that’s the star of this collection. Beautifully embroidered, the 36.5 cm by 28 cm by 17.5 cm bag is no stranger to you all, and while it isn’t available for sale yet locally, it is up for pre-orders via Dior’s hotline and priced at SGD3900.

Other pieces in this little collection include the Dway Mule, the Mitzah Scarf and the Walk’n’Dior sneaker, all of which come with the same enchanting print. What’s not to love?


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