Rimowa: The Difference Between The Classic Cabin & The Original Cabin


Rimowa has undergone plenty of changes in the past number of years since Alexandre Arnault (yes, he’s the son of LVMH Chairman Bernard Arnault) took over at the helm of the brand. From spearheading renowned collaborations with brands like Dior, Fendi and Supreme, to adopting a fresh new logo and identity, you can say that Rimowa has truly upped its game as a premium luggage manufacturer, positioning itself as the go-to brand for quality pieces that are super desirable as well.

That said, a new logo meant that there had to be changes in terms of how the luggage would look (just think of how Celine dropped the é in its bags going forth), and with it came a slight adjustment in terms of the naming and features of some of the brand’s signature designs. Remember the Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel? Well, that has been renamed as the Classic Cabin, while the Topas Cabin Multiwheel is simply referred to as the Original Cabin now.

Both designs are also the subject of comparisons till this very day, for the simple fact that they both come in the same dimensions (55 cm by 40 cm with a depth of 23 cm), weighs exactly the same at 4.3kg, and features a solid exterior crafted from Rimowa’s high-end anodised aluminium alloy. That said, there are differences between the two, and that ultimately boils down to personal preferences.

Starting with the opening mechanism, the TSA locks on the Classic Cabin are integrated onto the luggage and open with a satisfying ‘click’, while the locks on the Original Cabin are found within dedicated slots (some find this sleeker-looking) and open to a more subdued sound. Notice that the corners of the Classic Cabin come with riveted high-gloss aluminium (it’s way shinier from afar), while the Original Cabin is rendered in a matte finish all-around for a contemporary look and feel.

Next, the most obvious detail would have to be the handles on the respective luggage. The Classic Cabin is furnished with hand-made leather handles that showcase the artisanal craftsmanship of the house, while the Original Cabin is equipped with tone-on-tone plastic handles. Recently, Rimowa has allowed for customisation with the Classic Cabin, giving you options to change the colours of the leather handles at an additional cost of SGD430 for two, along with wheel colours of your choice at SGD430 for all four wheels.

While personalisation is not available for the Original Cabin, it’s readily available in 5 exterior colours like Black, Marine, Scarlet, Silver and Titanium for you to choose from, while the Classic Cabin is only available in Silver.

And if you’re wondering, yes, there are also differences in terms of pricing, starting with SGD1340 for the Classic Cabin, going up to SGD1500 for the Original Cabin. Keen to find out more? Head down to a boutique in Singapore (Mandarin Gallery, Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Hotel) to get up close with the pieces, and the helpful CAs will always be on hand to address any of the concerns you might have.


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