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Think ‘LV classics’ and immediately icons like the Keepall, Speedy and the Neverfull will come to mind, core foundation pieces, if you like, that never go out of style. And they are kept exactly the same as the day they were originally launched, except when certain pieces are picked up and reinterpreted for runway collections, like what Marc Jacobs did frequently before with the Speedy and what Virgil Abloh is doing now with the Keepall.

But there’s more to classics than just the 3 above, and today’s post is a refresher of sorts, especially apt since the season of giving is just around the corner. And if you have no time to head down to the boutique proper, you can always shop these bags online now in Singapore, which is a good thing especially with same day/next day delivery guaranteed. So without further ado, here are classic bags from LV you should most definitely know of.

First up, the Alma, a structured handbag that works for day or night, considering it comes in several different sizes and variations ranging from the Alma BB (23.5 cm by 17.5 cm) identified by its very own detachable strap, to the roomier Alma MM (36 cm by 28 cm) that’s perfect for work. Having undergone several small changes since its inception in 1934, with the current art deco-inspired shape created back in 1992 still referenced till today, it’s available in materials like Monogram Canvas and Damier Ebene, as well as leather favourites in Epi and Monogram Vernis.

Then there’s the Neverfull that was launched in 2007 and has gone on to become one of the brand’s bestselling designs thanks to its ease of use and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a handy piece that you can take with you to the gym or even as a carry-on for your travels, the Neverfull has got you covered, available in 3 different sizes. There’s the PM (29 cm by 21 cm), the MM (31 cm by 28.5 cm) and the GM (39 cm by 32 cm), and depending on your needs you just pick the size that suits you best.

Moving on to the Noé, a bucket bag that was actually produced in 1932 as a champagne carrier (word has it was built to carry 5 champagne bottles) before it was eventually inducted into their handbag collection that remains on trend till this very day. In 2017, the Noé was made available in a NéoNoé version that’s given a slight twist in terms of shape, with a revised drawstring closure that slides easily so you can access your contents while on-the-go, along with an updated sling strap that gives you multiple ways of carrying the bucket bag.


The last two designs technically fall under one family. Here’s why. The Keepall was created back in 1930 as a travel bag that was meant to be folded and stored in your suitcases (or trunks back in the day) and taken out whenever you needed a supplementary piece for extra storage. Today, it’s gone on to become a staple piece in every man’s wardrobe, coming in 4 different sizes like the Keepall 45 (45 cm by 27 cm), Keepall 50 (50 cm by 29 cm), Keepall 55 (55 cm by 31 cm) and Keepall 60 (60 cm by 33 cm).

And because the Keepall got so popular in a shape that was cute yet distinct enough, LV introduced a smaller handbag known as the Speedy that’s essentially a miniaturised version of the former. Lightweight, practical and roomy are just some of the words typically associated with the Speedy, which is now officially available in 4 sizes. There’s the Speedy 25 (25 cm by 19 cm), Speedy 30 (30 cm by 21 cm), Speedy 35 (35 cm by 23 cm) and Speedy 40 (40 cm by 25 cm).

Another piece of trivia to note? The original Keepall and Speedy bags never came with shoulder slings, so over time Louis Vuitton created the bandoulière versions for both the Keepall and the Speedy that came with their own adjustable and detachable slings. And now you know.

Lastly, all the aforementioned bags are now available online as well, so all you need to do is to hit this link and decide who has been naughty (or very very nice) this year. #happyshopping


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    Louis Vuitton has reintroduced its Bel Air bag from 1994 into its Cruise 2020, with an updated silhouette known as the key as the Ivy.

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