Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sac Plat


It has been a while since classics have been revisited on this online platform, and with good reason. There has been a constant barrage of new from luxury houses and indie brands alike, and on some days you start with nothing in your to-buy list to having 3 or 4 bags shortlisted for further thought by the end of day.

Well, in an effort to not forget the past, there are still bags around today that were probably around even before you were born. Take the Monogram Canvas Sac Plat, for example, which has been around since 1968. And no, that’s not a typo. Which also means it is at least 51 years old now, no mean feat for a bag that has truly stood the test of time.

Ample and roomy, it was also created then for a single function, to hold larger items within in a chic way with the top handles being the only other embellishment on the entire bag. No shoulder sling, no zip running along the top, it is truly as basic as it gets and perhaps that is also why it has enjoyed such longevity till today.

Measuring 36 cm by 36 cm with a depth of 9 cm, it doesn’t transform into another bag, you can’t wear it 5 different ways or even have a portable charger built in. This was (and still is) simplicity at its best, with the best news perhaps being the fact that it still retails for a rather affordable price of SGD1850, which honestly barely breaks the bank for an LV bag this handsome and large.

And whilst it is not available online at Louis Vuitton’s Singapore e-commerce site that just launched recently, please head down to any of their boutiques and find out more about this true icon. Because it truly is.


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