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In 1969, Aldo Cipullo created the iconic LOVE bracelet, a fine piece of jewellery which came in a perfectly oval shape that’s meant to be locked firmly on the wrist, signifying an everlasting relationship and commitment to your partner. In its early days, the bracelet was one you bought as a gift for a loved one, but in today’s day and age of #selflove and independence, you can most certainly do it for yourself. Today, you will be able to find numerous versions of the now iconic bracelet which comes in easy-to-wear formats like open cuffs or leather straps furnished with an 18K gold LOVE bar, but the classic pieces have got to be the ones that are sold with that special screwdriver.

Now, if you do need a recap of the prices and options available (consider this your refresher post), the classic LOVE bracelet starts from SGD8650 for the ones in 18k yellow gold, going upwards for those finished with 4 diamonds (SGD13,900), 10 diamonds (SGD20,000) and the shiniest of them all, the diamond-paved stunner (SGD56,000) that’s set with 204 brilliant-cut diamonds. It also comes in a pretty wide range of sizes, ranging from 15 cm to 21 cm, making it a unisex piece that will work equally well for him or her.

In 2016, Cartier introduced a slightly thinner version known as the LOVE Bracelet SM (SM stands for Small Model) that’s gained popularity in recent times. The cool bit about the SM version lies in the fact that it comes with a single screw (classic versions come with 2 and require assistance to secure on) with a revised hinge-mechanism on the opposite end which makes it easier to wear and can be done entirely by yourself.

Priced slightly lower from SGD5600 (which also means you can purchase more to stack them up), the Love Bracelet SM also comes decked out in diamond versions like 6 diamonds (SGD8250), 10 diamonds (SGD11,200) and a fully paved piece (SGD34,300) for those who love being the centre of attraction.


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