Hermès Kelly Danse II


Hermès is a big believer that old is new again, and has been bringing back vintage Kelly designs from seasons past. Just last year in 2018, they revived the Kelly Ado II, a backpack that comes with an elongated profile that’s perfect for weekends or days when you just need something casual. Then came the Kelly Picnic, which was officially released earlier this year in a Mini size that’s absolutely adorable, and rather on trend considering wicker bags are something that’s been on everyone’s lips (and hips) of late.

Today, the spotlight falls on the Kelly Danse II, which is another vintage silhouette that’s been reintroduced. It comes without a top handle, measuring 22 cm at its widest and 16.5 cm high, with a trapezoid shape that’s a signature of the Kelly line of bags. In total, you can wear the Kelly Danse II 6 different ways, mostly due to the versatile strap which comes with a drop length ranging from 58 cm to 70 cm, depending on how you adjust it.


One, wear it long across the body so it sits on the hip like a crossbody bag. Two, loop it twice and carry it under the arm like a chic handbag. Three, wrap the straps around your waist and wear it like a cool bum bag. Four, with some creative adjusting, you can actually carry the Kelly Danse II like a backpack. Five, you can remove the strap altogether and it automatically becomes a clutch. Six, you can always choose to swap the thin leather strap for a thicker canvas version (say the Amazone strap that can be purchased separately) for extra comfort when slung over the shoulder.

The other plus point about the Kelly Danse II? It’s incredibly light, due to the fact that the bag comes completely without zips, and it also helps that Veau Jonathan (a leather that’s really close to Swift) is a lightweight material to begin with. For those who might be unfamiliar, it’s a relatively new leather that was introduced late 2018, one that comes with a beautiful sheen-like exterior that’s also delicate. In other words, do take extra care.

Suffice to say, it would be easier to spot a unicorn in the wild than actually chancing upon this bag at the boutique, but feel free to head down and ask. Put yourself on the wait list, even if you have to grovel because this truly is a piece you’ll want in your collection. Sources say this bag is priced above the SGD10,000 mark, which is a pretty penny but one that’s well worth it for a bag this rare. And special. And versatile. And of course, so so pretty.


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