#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 3 Must-Have Wicker Bags


Wicker bags were never just a passing trend that only appeared in recent times. The legendary Jane Birkin, for one, carried hers everywhere back in the 1960s, a woven basket bag that fit just about everything she needed as she went about in the day. What’s interesting, however, are the recent creations by luxury designer houses that incorporate wicker into their signature leather bag silhouettes.

It may look simple, and given that wicker as a material in itself isn’t exactly costly, it shouldn’t be too expensive, right? Wrong. The amount of laborious craftsmanship (from bending the wicker to weaving it into shape before the leather parts are attached) that goes into each and every piece is way higher than an average leather bag, which also translates into a much higher price.

How much more, you ask? For one, the trio shown above all exceed the 5-digit mark, which can be mind-boggling, but if you want something that’s truly unique that come in limited quantities, then a designer wicker bag is the way to go.

First up, Chanel’s Vanity Case that comes in two sizes, the Small (SGD12,120) which comes in Beige/Gold or Beige/White and measures 17 cm by 13 cm, as well as the Regular (SGD12,940) that’s a tad bigger at 21 cm by 16 cm. Available in a Beige/Black/White that’s equally lush, the beauty of these bags lies in the intricate craftsmanship involved, with strips of coloured leather woven into the rattan body. These wicker vanity cases are also different from the full leather versions (which open by way of a zip), furnished with a metallic frame closure that gives them structure all around.

Next, Hermès’ Mini Kelly Picnic rendered in a beautiful mix of leather and wicker, which is reminiscent of the bigger-sized Kelly Picnic that’s now certified vintage and a thing of the past. Eagle-eyed fans would have spotted its return in the Parisian luxury brand’s Resort 2019 show, which showcased a miniaturised version (comparable to a Kelly 20) in Fauve and White leather trimmings. While it is not officially launched in stores, know that if you are ever offered one, you should probably just say yes (even if it costs a whopping SGD20,000 or so), because when it comes to anything H, prices will appreciate over time.

The third and final bag in this timeless trio is Moynat’s Cabotin Escapade (SGD12,200), a structured city bag that features a natural cow leather upper and a full wicker body. Coming in the same dimensions (25 cm by 15.5 cm) as the Cabotin, along with the iconic opening and closing mechanism, the Cabotin Escapade makes for the perfect bag for weekends and OOTDs galore.

And with all 3 to be launched soon, and in limited quantities, which have you got your eye on?


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