Cult Gaia Ally Bag


Take your standard issue bamboo roller blinds, cut a huge oval out of it, fold it into half, insert a drawstring bag, add two wooden handles and voila! You basically just DIY-ed the new Ally Bag from Cult Gaia. No bamboo blinds lying around? Then grab your Japanese bamboo sushi roller; just make sure it is large enough and you’ve pretty much got the same thing.

Jokes aside though, the 33 cm by 30.5 bag opens via a simple magnetic snap closure to a linen fabric lining that will house all your everyday essentials. It’s the perfect carryall to take out with you on weekends, and even functions as a cool accessory for all your OOTD mood-shots. Either that or you’ll be getting comments on why you’re carrying roller blinds while you are out and about. Which, if you think about it, will add to your IG engagement as well!

Priced at USD218, the Ally Bag is now available at Cult Gaia’s online store which offers international shipping to Singapore as well.


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