Goyard: Singapore Prices in SGD Revealed (2019)


Whoever said the only two certainties in life are death and taxes must not have been a luxury shopper, because price increments are also an annual certainty, sometimes more depending on the brand. And Goyard is one that has just done that, with effect from 1 February 2019 in Singapore (which should also mean prices across the world for them would have been adjusted as well).

The good news? The margin isn’t that huge, roughly between 2% and 3%. The bad news? If you’re looking to buy a big-ticket item. But on average it is still manageable, with a slight increase of between SGD10 and SGD30 for bags like the Anjou Mini and the Cap Vert.

The even better news? Some bags like the Alto have had their prices reduced, now standing at SGD6890 for the Black or Black/Tan and SGD8960 for all the other colours.

Wait, there’s more. Prices have not changed for bags like the Saint Louis, which is good news for those of you who have always wanted to get it, but have been procrastinating for the longest time ever. In other words, get it right now before prices get raised again. In the meantime, here’s the list of the current 2019 prices available for your perusal (or hit this link to compare with 2018’s prices), with more additions to be included in the coming days.

233 Canvas
SGD6390 | SGD8310

233 Leather

SGD6890 | SGD8960


Ambassade PM
SGD3770 | SGD4900

Ambassade MM
SGD4600 | SGD6060

Anjou Mini
SGD2660 | SGD3460

Anjou PM
SGD3330 | SGD4330

Anjou GM
SGD3920 | SGD5100

Artois PM
SGD2110 | SGD2870

Artois MM
SGD2610 | SGD3390

Belvedere 2 PM
SGD2780 | SGD3620

Belvedere 2 MM
SGD3640 | SGD4730

SGD1080 | SGD1400

SGD2900 | SGD3770

Cap Vert
SGD2150 | SGD2800

Croisière 45
SGD4430 | SGD5760

Crosière 50
SGD4920 | SGD6400

Grenelle (Passport Case)
SGD780 | SGD1010

Matignon Mini
SGD860 | SGD1110

Matignon PM
SGD1140 | SGD1480

SGD1570 | SGD2040

Minaudière Clutch
SGD5510 | SGD7160 | SGD8590

Pencil Case
SGD990 | SGD1290

SGD1390 | SGD1810

SGD890 | SGD1160 | SGD1510 (Pink)

Saigon Canvas PM
SGD6210 | SGD8070

Saigon Canvas MM
SGD7280 | SGD9460

Saigon Leather PM
SGD9540 | SGD12400

Saint Leger
SGD3050 | SGD3970

Saint Louis PM
SGD1640 | SGD2130

Saint Louis GM
SGD1910 | SGD2480

Saint Louis XXL
SGD2280 | SGD2960

Saint Sulpice
SGD490 | SGD640

Senat Mini
SGD640 | SGD840

Senat PM
SGD860 | SGD1110

Senat MM
SGD1290 | SGD1670

Senat GM
SGD1820 | SGD2370

SGD2260 | SGD2940

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