Goyard: Singapore Prices in SGD Revealed (2018)


It has been nearly two years since the last update of Goyard’s prices in Singapore (yes, how time flies), and yes, it’s time for another one, since so many of you here love love love the French atelier that has been releasing more and more bags of late. And because there’s new, some of the old are also gradually being discontinued, which is also why you won’t be seeing them on this year’s tabulated list.

And while one isn’t exactly sure which bags would be discontinued first, the advice is pretty straightforward. If you’ve always wanted something from Goyard, head down soon and just bite the bullet, because once it is gone, it’s gone. And like the previous list, prices are first for the bags in regular colours (in this case now it would be Black/Tan and Black), with everything else including Red now classified as special hues.

Lastly, if there’s anything you want but isn’t listed below, leave a comment and it will be updated accordingly. Thanks!

233 Canvas
SGD6750 | SGD8780

233 Leather


Anjou Mini
SGD2640 | SGD3430

Anjou PM
SGD3330 | SGD4330

Anjou GM
SGD3920 | SGD5100

Ambassade PM
SGD3770 | SGD4900

Ambassade Regular
SGD4660 | SGD6060

Artois PM
SGD2210 | SGD2870

Artois MM
SGD2610 | SGD3390


Belvedere PM
SGD2780 | SGD3620

Belvedere MM
SGD3210 | SGD4180

Belvedere GM
SGD3640 | SGD4730

SGD2900 | SGD3780

Claire Voie PM

Claire Voie GM

Matignon Mini
SGD860 |  SGD1110

Matignon PM
SGD1110 | SGD1440

Sac Vert Cap
SGD2140 | SGD2780

Saigon Canvas PM
SGD6210 | SGD8080

Saigon Canvas MM
SGD7280 | SGD9470

Saint Louis PM
SGD1640 | SGD2130

Saint Louis GM
SGD1910 | SGD2480

Saint Louis XXL
SGD2280 | SGD2960

Senat Mini
SGD640 | SGD840

Senat PM
SGD860 | SGD1110

Senat MM
SGD1290 | SGD1670

Senat GM
SGD1820 | SGD2370


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