BC Joaillerie Baby Piggy Earrings


BC Joaillerie’s highly successful Piggy Bank collection has won hearts simply because it is modelled after that iconic piggy bank everyone had when they were little, giving all a sense of nostalgia that’s pretty hard to come by these days. And today, the spotlight falls on the brand’s signature piggies again, especially apt since the Year of the Pig is coming.

If you’re not one to wear literally all things pig just because, then by all means go for a chic accessory in the form of the Baby Piggy Earrings that come in 4 different colour options like Bluetooth, Red Bean, Snowball and Wasabi. Priced at HKD980 (or SGD168 after conversion), you can purchase these earrings over at BC Joaillerie’s online store, which offers complimentary shipping to Singapore. If you’re wondering why they’re priced higher than an average novelty piece, that’s because pieces in the Piggy Bank collection are made from 925 silver that’s then plated with 18k white gold. When you factor that in and do the math, you will squeal with delight knowing what a great deal it truly is.


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