#BAGAHOLICBOY Shops: 3 Slings From Chanel That Aren’t WOC Bags


Most of the time, what is covered here is what we think are must-haves, important or even trending, but sometimes we get requests. Like the one from a young lady who would like a smallish sling from Chanel that’s not a WOC (or Wallet On Chain) because she already has one of those. And because your wish is more often than not our command, here are 3 more tiny slings from Chanel that she (and you all) can consider.

First up, a clutch with chain that measures 12 cm across by 8.5 cm. Quite literally a compact wallet with a chain attached to it, this is best for handsfree days when you really need only the barest of essentials. Available in calfskin leather and finished with gold-tone logo hardware (pretty sure they will show you more colours if you ask nicely), it will cost you SGD1670 for this nifty little number.

Next up is another clutch with chain that’s 12 cm by 12 cm all around (yes, it’s the circle one). More a coin purse than a clutch, this opens up into a single compartment, and its saving grace is the depth which is some 4.5 cm across. And that means you’ll have a tad more space for whatever you need to ‘lug’ around. Priced at SGD2190, it comes in grained lambskin leather (shown above), as well as in quilted smooth lambskin that’s definitely a classic. And more affordable, at SGD1870.

Last but not least, a slightly bigger (and by bigger we mean longer) clutch on chain. And because it measures some 19 cm tall by 10 cm across, you could classify it as a clutch, one that opens into 2 separate compartments. Great for organisation, cards and cash in the front one, and everything else in the back one, it is also naturally the most expensive of the 3 featured here at SGD2210.

So, there you go, 3 smallish slings from Chanel that aren’t WOC bags. Anyone else has more bag-related queries? Send them in.


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