Hermès Rivoli Mule


The ‘H’ buckle is one that’s instantly recognisable, appearing on a number of Hermès favourites ranging from the Clic Clac H bracelet to the Constance (click here to find out more about this iconic bag), and the star on this pair right here known as the Rivoli Mule.

Slightly different from the Oz Mule, which was covered a couple of weeks back, the Rivoli Mule is one that’s chic enough to deserve its very own post. And while they both come in a similar slip-on silhouette, this mule comes fully lined with a leather insole and a slightly higher heel (yes, every millimetre counts!). The other cool bit would be the fringe details right in front that kind of reminds us of the elusive Kelly Golf (a bag that was released in limited quantities back in 2013), which makes this pair even fancier.


Priced at SGD1450, you can find the Rivoli Mule in colours like Bleu Ciel, Noir and Taupe for the ones in goatskin, and another another in multi-coloured suede that’s bright, cheery and lush all at once. And if you haven’t gotten time to head on down to your nearest Hermès boutique to try on the Oz Mule, you now have added incentive to do so with the Rivoli Mule and kill two birds with one stone. #happyshopping


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