Kayu Colada Wicker Tote


It is commonly known that Singaporeans love rolling pineapples, as seen on countless stories on IG that I’ve viewed all year. Whether one is moving into a new home or office space, out comes a pineapple that’s rolled in through the front door before the occupants shout out words like ‘prosper’, because that’s what this is supposed to do. To bring prosperity to the new occupants of the above-mentioned home or office. My question is, what happens to the pineapple after? Is it displayed at a prominent spot until it starts to dry out? Or it is cut up and consumed? Can someone enlighten me?

And since we are on the topic of pineapples, here’s something else you could roll over and over again, Kayu’s Colada Wicker Tote that just popped up over at NET-A-PORTER. From US-based Kayu (and not Jalan Kayu, by the way) that’s inspired by all things Southeast Asia, the 18 cm by 10 cm bag is all woven wicker, with a drawstring pouch on the inside that’s crowned with green leather leaves. Much like a real pineapple.

Priced at around USD215, it won’t break the bank either. And the next time someone needs to roll a pineapple anywhere, you can always offer yours to help them out. Or must it only be a fresh one?


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