Chanel Yoga Cushions & Yoga Mat


Every season Chanel releases what I would call novelty items, things that play no real purpose alongside their current RTW or bag collections but are generally lifestyle-related. Pieces that no die-hard fan of Chanel will say no to, especially if their bank balances allow it. Previous instances included everything from plush cushions to surfboards, even a set of tennis balls that came in their own logo-emblazoned carrying case.

For this season, Chanel has decided to offer the following pieces. Knee-high cotton socks, a beach tote set that includes a tote, a towel and an adorable zip case (it’s a 3-piece) set, a tennis racket (I kid you not) and a paddle board, complete with paddle.

Last but by no means least, here’s a pair of yoga-related paraphernalia no lotus-position loving girl (or boy) should be without. Yes, I’m referring to the pair of yoga cushions and the yoga mat that will retail for SGD9900 (that’s a pair of cushions) and SGD13,260 respectively. Which will actually come in handy when you feel the intense need to meditate upon receiving your credit card bill for these two purchases. Namaste.

Image: Chanel

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