Louis Vuitton x Supreme (Prices In USD)


While I have no official word on when and where Louis Vuitton’s capsule collection with Supreme will be launched (though I’ve been hearing May 2017 and at LV ION Orchard), as well as its prices in SGD, this leaked list which has been floating online for a while now, does list its prices in USD.

And while the final prices might still be subject to changes, it still gives you a pretty good idea of how much the pieces you want most are (click here to see what I’m lusting over) when the collection eventually hits Singapore. Do the math, and start saving.

Christopher Backpack (Red/Black Epi) – USD4350
Danube PM (Red/Black Epi) – USD2410
Danube PPM (Red/Black Epi) – USD1800
Bumbag (Red Epi) – USD2310
Apollo Backpack (Camo) – USD2580
Nano Backpack (Camo) – USD1840
Bumbag (Camo) – USD1690

Pochette Jour GM (Red/Black Epi) – USD890
PF Slender Wallet (Red/Black Epi) – USD705
Pocket Organiser (Red/Black Epi) – USD445
Porte Cartes Simple (Red/Black Epi) – USD305
PF Brazza Wallet (Red/Black Epi) – USD860
Chain Wallet (Red/Black Epi) – USD860
Zippy Organiser (Black Epi) – USD1270

Keepall45 Bandouliere (Red Epi) – USD3750
Keepall45 Bandouliere (Camo) – USD2290
Keepall55 Bandouliere (Black Epi) – USD4150
Set of 2 Name Tags (Red/Grey)  – USD385
iPhone7 Folio (Red) – USD385
iPhone7Plus Folio (Red) – USD420
Eye Trunk 7 (Red) – USD1270
Eye Trunk 7Plus (Red) – USD1350

MNG Denim Overshirt (Look 10) – USD860
Washed Denim Barn Jacket (Look 12) – USD2185
Denim Barns Jacket (Camo, Look 27) – USD2185
Regular Jeans (Camo, Look 24) – USD860
Denim Jacket (Camo, Look 24) – USD1375
MNG Box Logo Tee (White with Red logo) – USD485
Leather Blouson (Red) – USD4350

Cap (Camo) – USD435
Wool Cashmere Blanket (Red) – USD1550
Wool Cashmere Cushion Red) – USD665
Cotton Bandana (Red) – USD370
Wool Cashmere Scarf (Red/Brown) – USD585
Lambskin Coated Canvas Baseball Gloves (Red/Brown) – USD875

Key Holder & Bag Charm (Bottle Opener) – USD480
Key Holder & Bag Charm (Pocket Knife, Red/Brown) – USD730
Bag Charm (Red/Brown) – USD585
Downtown Key Holder & Bag Charm (Red/Gold) – USD290
Leather Belt With Monogram Pattern (Red/Brown) – USD760
City Mask Sunglasses (Silver Black/Silver Red) – USD505
Downtown Sunglasses (Red/Tortoiseshell) – USD505
City Badge Brooches (Set of 2) – USD425

Image: Louis Vuitton

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