Loewe Hammock In Multitone Denim


If there’s something to be said about Loewe, it’s their constant push to make bags that are truly out of the ordinary. Rather than sticking to the tried-and-tested formula of creating bags that somehow look like they all came from the same industry templates, you’ve got to give them full marks when it comes to creativity. From the eye-catching Puzzle to the supplely-soft under the shoulder Flamenco Knot to the equivalent of Doraemon’s Convenience Bag that is the Yago, there are very few bags at the Spanish luxury house I dislike.

Then, there is this, simply known as the Hammock. Named so because if you were to pull its top handles wide, you could almost imagine attaching each end to a tree with the centre portion of the bag forming the ‘bed’. Yes, it has been often compared to H’s Lindy, but if you were to put them side by side, you’d definitely see the differences. While the former is more short and squat, the unisex Hammock is much taller, with an ample sling that allows you to wear it over the shoulder much more comfortably. There isn’t the cumbersome zippered lid, which means easy access into the bag as and when you require.

Available in at least 2 sizes, the regular-sized one measures 35 cm by 32 cm by 30 cm, while the one in Small comes in at 29 cm by 26 cm by 27 cm. Besides Classic Calf (which is just Loewe-speak for really lush supple leather) that retails for SGD3690 and SGD3150 for the two sizes, you’ll also find it in pleated Nappa and exotic python, as well as this season’s special in Multitone Denim.

Made up of 3 differently coloured panels of denim and trimmed with calf leather in Tan (SGD2890 and SGD3490 respectively), it’s perhaps the most casual take on the Hammock yet, one that’s best suited for movie evenings and casual strolls.

Image: Loewe

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  • Dave says:

    As a Loewe fan the Hammock bag is a great since it launched two years ago. Now, it’s a bestseller. Why? Because it is a wonderful work of art.

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