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This post can go one of two ways. I could focus on the fact that it reminds me too much of something Céline would do (because I’m always big on calling a spade, a spade), or I could just ramble on about how Mulberry’s new Spring-Summer 2017 bag, the Hopton, looks nothing like traditional Mulberry and has taken their bags to the next level. Which pretty much means the same thing, to be honest.

Still, because I’d rather you decide if this is a must-have or a good-bye, I’ll just fill you in with the facts you need to know about the new Hopton. Measuring 35 cm across by 23.5 cm, it’s a retro-inspired bag, one that comes with a top handle as well as a shoulder sling for those handsfree moments. Then there’s the shape, a trapezoid-shaped camera-style bag that comes with a roomy front compartment, as well as a zip pocket that you’ll find at the back.

Available in tri-colour combinations (or in muted single hues), the GBP995 full-leather bag isn’t bad at all to be frank, in fact it would make a great work bag that’s also proper on all counts. The only thing you really need to consider is this. Would the fact that it isn’t very Mulberry matter to you, or are you just a stickler for good design and function, so the brand name wouldn’t matter anyway. What say you?

Image: Mulberry

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  • Camille says:

    I bought the Hopton in Oxblood last year and I still love it. It has wonderful leather which still smells divine and holds up its shape and leather very well. It actually hold tons of stuff, too.

    I know many people don’t like its shape, but I actually like how it fits my more preppy fashion style and that it look like a small luggage piece and therefore goes with lots of different fashion combinations. I am a bit disappointed that it seems to be discontinued because that is one bag, I truly would buy in more colours…

    I also have some Céline bags and I actually don’t find the style too similar to the Céline creations.

  • Antonia says:

    I fell in love with it when I saw it (bright orange) featured in the Harper’s Bazaar a couple months ago.

  • Pamela Sangster says:

    I hate what Coca has done to the Mulberry brand. Cheap metalware, fabric interiors and bags that would not look out of place in River Island…. prices rising…. quality/value decreasing…. so sad.

  • Terence Tan says:

    I really love what Johnny Coca has done (except for the Bayswater zip, still wrapping my head around that).

    Yes I agree it looks like he took some work from his previous employer (especially the many tri-colour options) and brought it to Mulberry but at the end it is still very executed and the best part the bags are so much lighter (except for the Chester) and it looks so much more NOW which was missing in Mulberry for a really long time.

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