Gabriela Hearst Nina: 5 Things You Should Know


Because we all want things we can’t easily get (true love, striking the lottery, world peace), here’s something else that while isn’t that easily attainable as well, isn’t as difficult as say, world peace. Yes, I’m talking about Gabriela Hearst’s much-coveted Nina bag, and here are 5 things you should know about it.

#1 – This bag is reputed to have a 100-name-strong waiting list, amazing for the fact that it has had no advertising done from a brand that’s just under 2 years old.

#2 – Available in 2 sizes, the regular-sized one is known as Nina, while a smaller (and much cuter) size is known as the Demi.

#3 – Shaped like the most adorable dumpling you’ll never bear to eat, it’s topped with a long handle and a unique clasp closure that keeps it looking this cute.

#4 – Available in a tightly curated selection of colours (we’re talking Cognac, Navy and Nude), both the Nina and the Demi are also offered in a variety of exotics like crocodile or snakeskin, as well as suede.

#5 – You’ll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere online or off, with the exception of putting yourself on the wait list over at Gabriela Hearst. Yes, a wait list. Which makes you want one even more, right?

Image: Gabriela Hearst

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