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What used to be the rage up and down the fashion world has made its founder, Julie Deane, a millionaire many times over, with a recent valuation of her company to be worth some 7 million pounds. Not bad for a woman who came up with the idea of making and selling satchels as a way to pay for her daughter’s school fees.

The business has since expanded into its own brick and mortar store and the bags are even available on TMall, China’s largest online marketplace, not bad for something that started as an idea in her own kitchen back in 2008. And while you’ll find many different styles now available at TCSC, I’ll always be loving the ones that started it all for Ms Deane, those classic schoolboy satchels that now include the Tiny Satchel, a 17.5 cm by 13 cm (shown above) wonder that comes made completely of leather.

Crafted in the Great Britain, it’s a great bag for your school-going kids, or for yourself, something fun that you could use as a small day bag. What’s more, it’s also extremely affordable. Really. Retailing for only GBP60, which is around SGD108 after conversion, it will hardly break your bank. Besides that, it will make a great gift because it can be monogrammed and if your final order is above GBP100, international shipping is free too. Seriously, what’s not to love, right?

Image: TCSC

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  • J says:

    I think I got a 15″ satchel from them while I was in London. Such a shame it barely holds an A4 document properly without folding the edges. Beautiful bag, but now it’s just sitting collecting dust.

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