Bagaholicboy: Do You Want To Win A USD1000 Gift Card?


If you follow me on Instagram, you would already know what this is all about. Yes, I’m giving away a USD1000 gift card, partly to thank all of you for all your comments, love and support all these years. It’s also to celebrate the 9th year of this blog’s existence which I started back in 2007 before going full-time 3 years later. But before I start getting all emotional and type out a thank you speech that frankly no one would want to read, here goes on how you can (and should) take part in this giveaway.

Not sponsored in any way by Net-A-Porter or Mr Porter (it’s purely coming out of my own pocket so disclaimers should be made), I’ve always believed in only giving away things that I myself would want, which would also explain the past few ones I did this year that included a pair of Goyard card cases, a Fendi wallet and most recently, those coveted Adidas #UltraBoost sneakers. Consider this the cherry on top of the cake, a USD1000 gift card of your choice from either Net-A-Porter or Mr Porter (you decide), mainly because I’ve always enjoyed shopping with them, everything always comes on time and I never have any issues whenever I need to do any returns, which is a big bonus.

So how do you win? Well, 2 easy steps. Step 1, just head to my Instagram page where I first posted the giveaway, like it and tag 5 friends. Step 2? Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for ‘The Mail Bag‘ and sign up for my mailing list. And that’s it really. You pretty much have to fill up the entire form (except mailing address that’s optional). What’s most important? Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle (and full names) so that I can match the entries and pick a winner.

I should be picking a winner before the end of the month, so what are you still waiting for? Do Step 1, complete Step 2 and of course, #goodluck. And thank you all again for everything all these years, and consider this my little #thankyou #payingitforward gesture.

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