Louis Vuitton: Have You Seen The New Monogram Reverse?


Unless you walked into a Louis Vuitton recently and have seen one of these on display, chances are you most probably won’t have seen this ‘new’ pattern yet. ‘New’ because it isn’t exactly new, but a new take on Louis Vuitton’s classic Monogram Canvas print. Like the mens equivalent which was given a black/grey makeover (they call it Monogram Eclipse, by the way), this one, from the womens collection, is called Monogram Reverse, which is basically what it’s called. The print, but reversed.

And if you were to take a closer look at the gorgeous F/W16 Petite Malle (shown above), you’ll see the trim of it covered in Monogram Reverse, a gorgeous contrast to their traditional Monogram Canvas. That, and the red trim, and you’ve easily got a winner in my books, a print that’s familiar yet totally fresh all at once.

Besides being available on the Petite Malle (which only maybe a few of us can truly afford without going into serious debt), you’ll also find this print on the Palm Springs Backpack (yay!) and something new called the City Cruiser, which at first glance looks like a cross between a shrunken Greenwich and H’s Toolbox.

No word yet on their respective prices, so do stay tuned here for more updates as well as on my Facebook page for more images on both the City Cruiser and the backpacks. Now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Louis Vuitton will make this print permanent because I can imagine a wallet in this print with my name all over it.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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