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To put it as simply as possible, Tod’s new project, Italian Notes is the Italy-centric equivalent to say, Lonely Planet’s city guides but with a twist. Featuring recommendations from Italian style icons, it’s a condensed city-by-city guide, with specific must-visits and must-dos all written from a first-person perspective.

Take, for example, Milan’s Guglielmo Miani, a born-and-bred Milanese who is now the chairman of Associazione della Via MonteNapoleone. He recommends taking breakfast at Camparino, the historic ‘in and out’ bar, perfect for a stand-up breakfast in true Milanese style where it hasn’t changed for 100 years. Or Como’s Maria Mantero who suggests visiting the gem of a theatre Teatro Sociale, a trip to the Fabrics Museum and Cremeria Bolla, a pastry shop with ice-cream that ‘blows your mind’.

Perfect for first-time travellers to Italy, or even those who have been there before but missed out on the more culturally interesting sights, Tod’s Italian Notes starts each city as a chapter, with cities Milan, Venice and Como already published online. You can even download them as e-books, an additional feature that will be launched soon, which means you can have your very own copy saved as a PDF file, or read them via iBooks or Google Play.

In other words, have a read before your next trip to Italy because who wouldn’t appreciate travel tips from the Italians themselves, right?

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