All You Need To Know About Hermès’ Béarn Wallets



Beyond its iconic handbags, Hermès also boasts a treasure trove of small leather goods. Amongst these coveted creations, the Béarn reigns supreme. The hallmark of its elegance lies in its signature closure. With the iconic H adorning the leather flap, it slots effortlessly into a clasp, securing your valuables with distinctly Parisian flair.

Named after a storied region in southwestern France, the functional SLG transcends mere function to become a timeless heirloom. Today, the Béarn comes in at least 4 different formats, each boasting meticulously designed interior compartments that ensure effortless organisation.

Starting with the most minimalist option, the Béarn Card Holder (SGD2850) is a pocket-size wonder. Despite measuring a mere 10.3 cm by 7.5 cm, it provides exceptional functionality. Unfolded, it reveals two card slots on each side, which cleverly conceal a slightly wider compartment behind for tucking away folded bills discreetly.

Then comes the popular Béarn Compact Wallet (SGD4850), which strikes the perfect balance between size and practicality. At 12 cm by 9.5 cm, it offers ample space for everyday essentials without compromising on portability. Four dedicated slots let you organise your cards, while additional pockets hold receipts and more. The versatile design also comes with a dedicated bill compartment and zip purse.

Unwittingly adding to potential confusion, the next two styles in the collection are both simply named Béarn Wallet. The tri-fold Béarn Wallet (SGD4850) unfolds to reveal a thoughtfully designed interior with three dedicated sections. This compact option, measuring just 11 cm by 8.5 cm, is ideal for those who prefer a more organised layout.

On the other hand, the continental Béarn Wallet (SGD5800) is a generous option boasting five dedicated credit card slots, a secure change purse, and a full-length bill compartment to keep your cash crisp. Measuring 17.5 cm by 9 cm, it caters to those who require ample space for their everyday essentials.

Take note that all the prices above reflect the ones in Epsom calfskin. Other leathers such as Chamkila and Madame, for example, typically retail higher. A Béarn for every occasion and mood, which would it be for you?

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