Everything To Know About Chanel’s Sublimage Les Extraits Line



Nourished by a link through past, present and future, an Integrative Beauty approach guides all Chanel Beauty product creations. A continuation of Gabrielle Chanel’s vision, it supports holistic wellbeing, in body and mind, in harmony with the environment. A perfect example of this is Chanel’s most luxurious skincare range, Sublimage Les Extraits.

As the quintessence of Chanel Research’s expertise, the Sublimage line continues to embody these values since its creation in 2006. Enriched with the concentrated powers of botany, each skincare product offers a unique sensory experience. Each meticulously crafted with the latest scientific and technological advancements, with an eco-responsible approach to boot.

At the heart of Sublimage is a plant exclusively cultivated and harvested in Chanel’s open-sky laboratory in Madagascar. The first of five sites, this revolutionary laboratory opened in 2002. Since then, it continues to provide active ingredients, including the antioxidant-rich polyfractioned vanilla planifolia, which offers protective and regenerative benefits.

Then comes the Sublimage Les Extraits line. In addition to rejuvenation, this line of three products also aid with repair. They match vanilla planifolia with another extraordinary flower, Himalayan swertia, for a one-of-a-kind blend of active ingredients. This prodigious plant that blooms just once every three years comes courtesy of the newest open-sky laboratory in Bhutan.

An incredibly rare ingredient, the Himalayan swertia is graced with exceptional repairing power. Together, vanilla planifolia and swertia extract work to target the three stages of skin senescence. They limit the spread of cells responsible for the signs of ageing, thus promoting cell regeneration and offering all-around repair.


Firstly, the Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit is the ultimate repair night concentrate. Enriched with a high concentration of active ingredients and naturally derived chronopeptide, this innovative blend rejuvenates skin and accelerates its natural repair mechanisms for a rested, radiant complexion.

Touted as sleep in a bottle, it offers a complete sensorial experience as well. Its divine oil-and-water texture transforms on contact with the skin, revealing shimmering micro-droplets in a wave of freshness and comfort. Plus, its powdery vanilla aroma with fresh green notes and a floral heart lends extra calmness to your evening routine.

Similarly, the Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème unites the powers of the two actives to rejuvenate and repair. When used in tandem, both products offer an addictive sensuous texture for a twofold effect. Just like its companion, it comes in a new refillable format. Unlike others, the anodised aluminium refill comes with its own lid, which even wears a double C logo. It pops easily in and out of the original jar, so taking it on your travels is effortless.

The Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit retails at SGD1055 for 30 ML, with refills at SGD898 for 30 ML. The Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème details at SGD936 for 50 g, with refills at SGD795 for 50 g. Both are now available at Chanel’s Fragrance & Beauty boutiques, counters, and online via its official store.

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