#Bagaholicbébé: 3 New Scents To Try This January



It may only be January, but there is already a smorgasbord of new and inspiring fragrances to fall in love with this year. Whether you’re in the mood for experimentation or looking to add some sizzle to date nights, here are three new scents to shop this month. A scent-sational olfactory adventure guaranteed.

01 - Dior La Collection Privée Christian Dior New Look EDP, from SGD215 for 40 ML
Dior’s New Look eau de parfum may bear the legendary name of the Christian Dior’s first couture show from 1947. However, the new fragrance very much echoes the spirit, nuances and essence of today.

The bold olfactory reflection of Christian Dior’s couture is a clean, amber-and-aldehyde blend by perfume creation director Francis Kurkdjian. While pairing unique freshness with facets of mysterious frankincense, it develops into a sensual and enveloping skin-to-skin scent. A perfect synergy between fashion and fragrance, with distinctive audacity. DIOR

02 - Hermès Hermessence Oud Alezan EDP, from SGD75 for 15 ML
The latest addition to the Hermessence line came about when in-house perfumer Christine Nagel discovered an exceptional oud. Its warm and sensual notes awakened a buried memory, in which she overcame an innate fear of horses. Then, as a chestnut-coloured (alezan, in French) horse pressed its head against her face, she smelt the primitive tang of muscles warmed by the animal’s velvety breath, mixed with the scent of sawdust.

The new Hermessence Oud Alezan EDP is a simple and direct composition that recreates that very moment. It blends two exceptional materials, oud and rose, for an extraordinary impression that will surely captivate. HERMÈS

03 - Tom Ford Private Blend Vanilla EDP, from SGD365 for 30 ML
If you have a penchant for all things vanilla, then don’t miss this new eau de parfum from Tom Ford. It presents the scent of the prized ingredient’s seductive power in its purest form. The result is the epitome of sensual pleasure that is anything but ordinary.

The amber fragrance is infused with different vanilla varieties, including the brand-exclusive vanilla tincture from India, vanilla from Madagascar and an ultra-vanille accord. The unforgettable blend is further warmed by mysterious florals, bitter almond essence and enticing sandalwood. TOM FORD BEAUTY

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