The Tiffany Taxi Clock Launches In December

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Taxi ClockIMAGE COURTESY OF TIFFANY & CO.

Tiffany & Co. is famous for its whimsical creations that double up as works of art. Some may recall the sterling silver Tiffany 1837 whistle, which then found new purpose as a pendant and key ring.

The American jeweller also turned heads with its Everyday Objects collection that included custom Tiffany Blue porcelain eggs. This holiday season, meet the Tiffany Taxi.

Taking inspiration from a 1950s New York City cab, this charmer showcases handcrafted aluminium elements. But beyond its Tiffany Blue exterior and retro tailfin fender lies a fully functional clock with two independent movements.

The first displays the hours and minutes via rotating stainless steel discs on the taxi’s air filters atop the engine. On the other hand, the second movement is activated via the dashboard key. You can then adjust the time by rotating the steering wheel counterclockwise, adding whimsy to this remarkable timepiece.

With the Tiffany Taxi launching globally this month, New York City also launches a limited-edition version. Featuring a gold and blue ‘NY-727’ license plate, it is exclusively available at The Landmark on 727 Fifth Avenue.

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