#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: Fun & Games For Your Home



Looking for ideas to entertain your guests this festive season? Then consider these five games and leisure objects for the home. Not only do they come in bright, eye-catching colours, but there’s also something for everyone.

Kids will enjoy puzzle and graphic cube games, while adults can indulge in a game of cards. They’ll also come in useful all the way through to the Lunar New Year. Or great housewarming gifts if your budget allows for it.

01 - Bottega Veneta Leather Backgammon, SGD8670
Backgammon remains one of the most popular table board games, so it’s no surprise that Bottega Veneta launched its very own version for its home collection debut. The Italian fashion house created a decorative set in Intrecciato leather. Inspired by the Cassette bag, it opens to reveal a colourful board with contrasting leather triangle detailing. BOTTEGA VENETA

02 - Dior 1000-Piece Puzzle, SGD420
Puzzles can provide endless fun, even more so when you’re assembling a beautiful motif depicting Dior’s 30 Avenue Montaigne boutique. Besides the hot-air balloon print from the Cruise 2023 fashion show, a second option features deer in a darker palette. Both designs are available as a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle set. DIOR

03 - Hermès Epopee 9 Cube Game, SGD1450
Jan Bajtlik is the designer behind Hermès’ playful Epopee design. Fancy horses, unicorns and more mythical creatures add an extra dose of fun to captivating landscape. As its name suggests, it comprises a total of nine cubes that come together to form six varied prints. All you have to do is figure out how to align them correctly. HERMÈS

04 - Louis Vuitton Vivienne Moon Cards & Pouch, SGD850
Louis Vuitton’s playing cards typically come with an extra pouch for easy portability. True to form, this set comes in a festive gold Monogram Canvas pouch with Vivienne lounging casually on a crescent moon. On the inside is a full set of 52 playing cards that also feature the house mascot along with other iconic symbols. LOUIS VUITTON

05 - Prada Saffiano Leather Poker Set, SGD10,500
Prada is certainly no stranger to the world of games (anyone remember the all-black mahjong set?). And so it continues to impress with a poker set, complete with colourful Prada Milano-emblazoned chips, dice and playing cards. Housed in a sturdy Saffiano leather box, this 34 cm by 25 cm set also makes a luxurious table display. PRADA

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