Diptyque’s First-Ever Refillable Candle Collection Is Here



While the concept of refillable candles isn’t entirely new, the category is growing as more brands move towards minimising waste. Joining this eco-friendly movement, Diptyque launches the new Les Mondes de Diptyque collection, its first-ever refillable candle line.

Translating to ‘The Worlds of Diptyque’, the line-up features a quintet of scents that take inspiration from five unique places. Each promises to engage the senses and transport you to those enigmatic locations around the world.

In alphabetical order, the olfactory journey kicks off with La Forêt Rêve (Forest Dreams). A fusion of ylang ylang, vanilla and jasmine takes you on an enchanting voyage to Las Pozas, a sculpture garden in a Mexican rainforest.

Next, find yourself in the verdant tea plantations of Jingdezhen, China with La Vallée du Temps’ (Valley of Time). Light it up and relax while you breathe in a blend of white tea, mate and jasmine.


Ready to lose yourself in the splendours of 16th century Italy? Then let Nymphées Merveilles (Nymphaeum of Wonders) whisk you off to the enchanted gardens of Villa Borromeo Visconti. Savour notes of orange blossom, jasmine and iris.

Next, journey east with Temple de Mousses (Moss Temple) and its moss, cedar and matcha mix. This grants you access to a Japanese zen garden, one that contains 120 rare and delicate varieties of moss, within a temple outside Kyoto.

Finally, to round up the tour, approach the Colorado plateau and its fields of cereal crops. Terres Blondes (Golden Land) gives off notes of wheat bran absolute, red cedar essence and burnt earth.

Presented in coloured glass monoliths with matching lids, the candles also double as chic décor pieces. You can refill the 10 cm by 7 cm vessels with your scent of choice, so the journey never ends.

Priced at SGD378 for a 270 g candle and SGD160 for a 270 g refill, the Les Mondes de Diptyque collection is now available at Diptyque’s boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Otherwise, head to its dedicated space at Tangs at TANG Plaza, Escentials Paragon, or shop online via Escentials.

For more information, do visit DIPTYQUEPARIS.com