#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 Monogram Strap Sandals For Men



When at least five fashion houses create their own versions of the double strap sandal, you know that it’s a rising trend. In other words, a style contemporary individuals looking to up their footwear game shouldn’t skip.

Another common factor within this selection that makes each stand out from one another? All five feature their respective logo, monogram or signature motif, on top of colours synonymous with the brand profile.

01 - Burberry Thornham Check Cotton Sandal, SGD960
Burberry’s sandals come with velcro straps, making it a breeze to slip in and out of. They’re also slightly more forgiving for those with wider feet, so take this into consideration when choosing sizes.

Measure the length (toe to heel) instead. The check comes in a neutral brown colour combination, rendered in an oversized finish on the sandal’s straps and sides. BURBERRY

02 - Dior Aqua Sandal, SGD1300
Dior is no stranger to the world of strap sandals. After all, it collaborated with Birkenstock, which returns for Fall-Winter 2023.

The Dior Aqua Sandal, on the other hand, is crafted completely in-house, and in Italy, no less. It features ruthenium metallic D-I-O-R buckles that embellish the inimitable #DiorOblique jacquard fabric in beige/blue. DIOR

03 - Fendi Feel Sandal, SGD1350
With the Italian fashion house’s beach-centric Fendi Astrology collection already in place, this makes perfect sense. This summer-ready sandal not only shows off the signature brown/tobacco FF motif.

You can also pair it with a simple tee and matching Fendi canvas tote bag for a complete FF look. FENDI

04 - Gucci GG Supreme Sandals, SGD1130
Perhaps the loudest of the lot, this pair showcases Gucci’s signature beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas from heel to toe.

Guaranteeing to make you stand out from afar, even the insoles and sides feature the interlocking motif. Logo lovers, look no further than this eye-catching pair. GUCCI

05 - Valentino VLogo Toile Iconographe Sandal, SGD1480
The VLogo Toile Iconographe is not limited to the ladies, as the men have their fair share of accessories, bags and shoes that come in the fabric motif too.

The men's colour palette does lean toward more neutral and darker shades, evident in this deep brown sandal with beige/black VLogo motif. The straps conveniently hide velcro tabs within, allowing for a slight adjustment now and then. VALENTINO

For more information, do visit the brands’ respective sites