A Refresher On Chanel’s Les Eaux De Chanel Fragrance Line

Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel RefresherPHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

Back in 2018, Chanel introduced its Les Eaux de Chanel fragrance collection, an olfactory world inspired by Mademoiselle’s favourite places.

Today, the line boasts six eau de toilettes, all of which offer imaginative journeys in a spritz, with Paris as the city of embarkation. With ‘eaux’ meaning ‘water’ in French, you can count on these transportive blends to be as refreshing as aqua itself.

Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel RefresherPHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

01 – In chronological order, here are the first three that debuted together. Firstly, Paris-Biarritz, featuring notes of grapefruit, mandarin and lily-of-the-valley, is a revitalising getaway with an ocean view.

Secondly, Paris-Deauville is a fresh and zesty blend that’s a stroll along the coast of Normandy. It boasts grassy greenness, basil and orange peel. If you love the warmth of vanilla and tonka bean, then be sure to get a whiff of Paris-Venise. Those elements leave an enveloping trail, alongside iris and geranium.

02 – Just a year later, the list of destinations expanded to include the radiant floral Paris-Riviera. Bottling a sunny escape to the Mediterranean coast, this layers fresh orange peel and petitgrain with a subtle sandalwood and benzoin dry down.

03 – Fast forward to 2021, the fifth journey Paris-Édimbourg arrived with a juice as green as the Scottish countryside. It’s woody and aromatic, with lively and distinctive notes of juniper berry, cypress, cedar and vetiver.

04 – Rounding up the list is Paris-Paris, the most recent addition from 2022. The sparkling concoction blooms with Damascena rose, fresh citrus accents, pink peppercorn and patchouli to evoke effortless elegance. It also has a rose-coloured juice, inspired by the glistening stone facades of Parisian buildings in the early morning sun.

05 – The Les Eaux de Chanel EDTs are now available in two sizes, 50 ml (SGD152) and 125 ml (SGD226), including Paris-Paris that was previously only available in the larger format.

And if you wish to prolong the olfactory experience, there’s also a luxurious bath line. Check out the body lotion (SGD107 for 200 ml) and a hair/shower gel (SGD83 for 200 ml).

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